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Calling all mamas struggling to get your babies to nap or sleep through the night...

Get a step-by-step plan so that you can finally enjoy longer night sleep, easy bedtimes and consistent naps in a few weeks or less! 

Get some Sleep!


After just 7 days working with Lily inside Your Dream Plan, we were all sleeping through the night - and by day 10 had a consistent nap schedule ironed out. We owe our sanity during that first year of being parents to this program. We truly can’t ever thank Lily enough.”

- Jenn B

Are you dreaming of putting your baby down happy and easily and they fall asleep and stay sleeping?

but right now bedtime and naps look a little more like this...

โž” You are rocking, feeding, bouncing, or assisting your baby to sleep and as soon as you put them down they wake up.

You are having to go back into the room and assist them back to sleep every 1-2 hrs overnight or after really short naps. 

 Naps are inconsistent and short (or not happening at all)

You have tried everything but it seems like nothing is working.

 Nights are exhausting your baby is waking up 2, 3,4 plus times a night and getting them back to sleep seems impossible.

You recognize that sleep is important for your baby's development and your mental health and you want to meet all of your family's needs as well as your own.


I know you're probably searching, asking friends but no matter what you do...nothing seems to work.

It's not your fault!

Get some Sleep!


So then what's the difference between a tired mom on her third cup of coffee and a rested one whose baby is asleep easily by 7pm?

It's not a secret.


One that's customized to your baby and your families unique needs and that gives you the support you need to implement it (someone to ask all the questions too!)


Once you have it you can...

Eliminate night wakings once and for all with the easy dream sleep framework

Get good consistent naps with your nap training plan & customized schedule

Implement a predictable, age appropriate routine that I will walk you through

Resolve early morning wakings with a comprehensive checklist & solutions

Feel confident knowing what to do if that day doesn't go as planned by joining our weekly coaching calls as well as personal support from me!

Get some Sleep!


Come and get YOUR sleep plan inside:

The only online sleep program that creates a sleep plan that is customized for YOUR baby and supports you every step of the way!


Your Dream Plan will give you the plan and walk you step by step to:

๐ŸŽ‰Eliminate the need for assistance overnight

๐ŸŽ‰Acheive great naps

๐ŸŽ‰Implement an age-appropriate routine

๐ŸŽ‰Fix early mornings

๐ŸŽ‰Feel confident

 Unlike any other program, inside Your Dream Plan you also get the support from your own Pediatric Sleep Consultant (that's me!) to customize your sleep plan and to push through to the end and achieve ALL of your sleep goals.

I make that my mission!

This course has been built out to provide customization, support, and community!




  • 4 weekly coaching calls
  • 1 private 20 minute call
  • Private FB group to ask questions
  • Online platform - with sleep plan
  • Chat function inside platform




  • 4 weekly coaching calls
  • 1 private 20 minute call
  • Private FB group to ask questions
  • Online platform - with sleep plan
  • Chat function inside platform

Sneak a peek of what's waiting for you inside:

Strategy call with Lily

A 20-minute call with Lily to review your plan and get you started so you know EXACTLY what to do.

A Sleep Plan

Follow the short video modules from anywhere so you can easily watch on-the-go

A Place to Ask All Of Your Questions

A private online community of fellow mamas that are always there to support. A place you can ask ALL of your questions and get answers.

Weekly Coaching Calls

4 weeks of calls that will help you troubleshoot and offer personalized coaching to make sure you are seeing results.

Here's an overview of how the 4 weeks works:


Lesson 1: The Foundations - Lay down the sleep basics before getting started.

Lesson 2: The Building Blocks- Set yourself up for success. The essential ingredients needed for great sleep.

Lesson 3: Settling and Sleep Training Methods- Learn about all of the different sleep training methods and choose one that is right for you and your family

Lesson 4: Perfecting Naps - This is the final touch, by this point your night sleep should be fixed and you are just working on getting those nice long naps.

All of these are supported through weekly calls and support in our private community!

Get some Sleep!


Looking for Dream Plan success stories you can relate to?

The 2 week program was perfect for our busy lifestyle, as we watched the videos and read the material at our own pace. Lily was always there in the background to follow up, offer additional advice and tweak our schedule. We are so grateful to her for all her assistance.
-Stephanie S.
Lily was supportive and responsive to help Eva find a schedule that worked for her.
The program supported resources and knowledge on how I needed to troubleshoot my day when naps did not go as planned.
-Elaine V.
Thanks to Lily’s course and coaching, our baby went from sleeping in a bassinet in our room with multiple night wakes, to sleeping in his room, door closed, through the night on most nights! I never thought I’d have free evenings that start at 7pm. I now feel like I have the tools needed to help him sleep better through future ups and downs! Thanks Lily!
-Gisella V.

What makes Your Dream Plan different?

Using the Easy Dream Framework inside the 4 lessons that I teach in this course is the most effective way of achieving better sleep fast. 

So you can feel rested and full of energy!

A Sleep plan with
 6 Easy Steps in just 4 lessons

You can build out your sleep plan right away with my help and implement to achieve sleep in less than 4 weeks!

Let me hand you a step-by-step strategy.  It’s easy and manageable for mamas that are beyond tired and can’t remember the last time they ate a proper meal. Foggy brain? No problem. I’ll be by your side the ENTIRE time. 


You’re not alone. You can do this.


So what will this program provide:

  • An approach you are comfortable with (no Cry it Out needed!).
  • A customized framework to guide you in creating a customized sleep plan for your baby and family (gentle and effective).
  • Immediate actionable advice and next steps so you are not confused and feel confident.
  • A private online community of fellow mamas that are always there to support. A place you can ask ALL of your questions.
  • Weekly check-ins with a Pediatric Sleep Consultant to make sure you're on the right track.
  • Weekly touch points to help push you to achieve your goals
Get some Sleep!


Meet your Coach

Hi I'm Lily Horbatiuk

I'm a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and I help hundreds of families get sleep fast and fix their sleep situations for good. I'm a mom of two babies and I GET IT. I've been there and I was in your place with my first baby. I was holding and rocking to sleep and feeling defeated and exhausted. It took me having to reach out for help and learning all of the strategies I now teach in this course to come out of this hole with the energy, confidence and tools to make me feel like I can conquer all of the ups and down of motherhood. Sleep doesn't have to be one of the downs. If you approach it the right way it's the major ups!

I want to get all of this information into the hands of families that need it most so I built out this course to do JUST THAT! For families that need a fast and affordable solution.

Get some Sleep!


Sleep is within your grasp!

Real results from real mamas once in your shoes...

This course has made me a happier mama to a happier well rested baby! My 3 month old was waking up every two hours, with the help of this course I transitioned him into his crib and he is sleeping almost through the night. Only wakes up once now! We have a happier home thanks to this course and sleep!"

-Monique Gill 

Lily saved my sanity! I came to her when by babe was 5 months old and waking up to 7 times a night!

I can happily (under statement) say that DD has been sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT since 6 months old! (she's 12 months old now). It IS possible, and Lily can help you too, I promise!

- Jennifer O

We've learned so much with the help of Lily and the amazing community that she has built, who are also there for support. We are so glad that we found Lily and My Dream Plan!

-Jenn Chris 

Have Questions?
Let me answer them!

Get some Sleep!


Your Dream Plan  is perfect for you if:

โœ“ A parent of a baby between the ages of 3-18 months

โœ“ A tired mom, your partner is tired and you’re frustrated by the fact that your baby refuses to sleep.

โœ“ Desperately wanting some sleep and feeling like nothing you do works and you need a solution asap.

โœ“ Ready to get your sleep situation resolved NOW. You don't want to wait any longer.

โœ“ Aware sleep is important for your baby's development and your mental health and you want to meet all of your family's needs as well as your own.

โœ“ Thinking of sleep training but not sure where to start and want to avoid making it difficult (crying) for your baby but you desperately need sleep.


โ€‹โœ“ Love the idea of 30-days to soak up support and resources to see improvement in your child’s sleep 

Get some Sleep!




If you participate in this program you'll get:

  • Access to all 4 lessons plus 2 bonus lessons on goal setting and extras (night feeding, crying, naps on the go, regressions, illness and travel so you feel prepared with all of the information you need.

  • A workbook for each lesson to help guide you along the way and take notes!

  • Access to short module videos from anywhere so you can easily watch on-the-go

  • Access to download an online portal where you will be part of a community of parents going through it with you! Giving you support along the way.

  • Call with us to review your plan and get you started so you know EXACTLY what to do.

  • 1 month of access to our ongoing membership fb community where I answer weekly questions, monthly tutorials and offer additional charts, document and support as your baby grows. We will be cheering you on, providing guidance and answering questions at any point in your baby's development.

  • live Q&A session weekly for 4 weeks to chat about your progress and see where we can move you forward if needed.
Get some Sleep!


Mama, I know you're tired. I just want you to know that you are NOT alone. We all need help, if you have a problem there is an expert that can help resolve it. Reach out to me anytime if you're not sure or on the fence. My job is to get you sleeping in a way that is comfortable for you and I take it very seriously. Hope to hear from you.

Lil. xx

Get some Sleep!